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The Quality Choice

Tower Health PPO (THPPO) is a premier provider-directed, consumer-oriented Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan in our service area. Medicus, A Health & Lifestyle Management Company, our medical management arm, provides the care coordination, and administrative support to ensure the long-term success of the provider network and its members.

As a locally operated organization, our knowledge of the local companies, large corporations and small businesses, help us recognize the concerns and requirements of their employees. Long-term relationships with local healthcare providers and hospitals, assure our members that they will receive excellent healthcare in their home communities.

The guiding philosophy of THPPO includes:

  • Delivering cost effective, quality healthcare to our community
  • Maintaining a large provider network with leading area physicians, hospitals, and ancillary providers
  • Providing quality services to our members with healthcare concerns on a daily basis
  • Accommodating the daily healthcare needs of our members
  • Dealing with financially sound carriers dedicated to customer service
  • Investing in the local economy

Add up the benefits, weigh the advantages, and explore the ways THPPO can serve your healthcare needs. We welcome the opportunity to explain the many advantages of having an individually tailored healthcare program through THPPO.

Real freedom of choice begins with the selection of a company who will earn your trust and recognize the value of your dollars and your healthcare. It begins with THPPO, the quality choice.