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Health and Wellness

Simply click on the Health and Wellness Information link to access our extensive list of links to health information resources

It is our sincere hope that these services will encourage THPPO members to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Health Club/Spa & Family Activity Discounts

THPPO is pleased to afford our members the opportunity to receive discounts at several health clubs and spas in our service area. Members can take advantage of these discounts by presenting their THPPO identification card to the participating facilities.

Health and Wellness Links

A company's most valuable asset is its employees. Studies show healthy workers are not only more productive, but are less costly in terms of their healthcare benefits. A wellness program will help move employees who are in high risk categories to lower risk categories; thereby, lowering the claim cost for the employer and increasing the good health of their employees, a win-win situation for both parties. Remember the best claims discount is a claim that never occurs. Prevention is the key.

Wellness Programs

Employer sponsored health and wellness programs promote employee wellness and disease prevention which aid in combating chronic healthcare conditions. Focusing on a wellness program helps employees make better choices for their health and well being on a daily basis.