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Addressing Member Concerns

Medicus, A Health & Lifestyle Management Company has developed and implemented processes designed to address member concerns and help assure member satisfaction. The guidelines which Medicus staff adhere to, are as follows:

  • Staff informs every patient, physician, and facility, in writing, concerning precertification, and continues to work proactively to keep all channels of communication open.
  • The large-case management program promotes wellness, prevention of complications, access to appropriate providers and services, and encourages member compliance with medical regimens. Nurse case managers assist members with complex problems and assist them in improving their quality of life.
  • Members and their families are regularly informed of topics relating to a member's care. Care plans for both current and future needs are set up and thoroughly explained to all involved.
  • Members are contacted to update or review established plans, as indicated. Member and physician education is provided, especially when a case involves referrals, tertiary care, or high cost medication procurement.
  • To contact Medicus please call 800-647-2500 or 610-372-8417.